Hi there, my name is Ray and I am the face behind this site. I like posting about real estate property investing.

I started off as a newbie much like you and had almost zilch success in my investments. As a matter of fact, my first 2 property buys were a complete disappointment. I lost money more than I gained. Although, I didn’t know most of the tips and advice I’m currently discussing on this website, consequently the disappointment was anticipated from a holistic point of view.

After dabbling in the real estate property investment landscape for the very first time with no success, I determined to make it. I eventually became determined to never quit regardless of the level of the obstructions I experienced. I chose to strive again but this time seriously, and strive once more I actually did.

Now here comes the most exciting part. I gained remarkable success after delving into the real estate property investment world to acquire all the knowledge I needed to attain something significant. I started profiting big time, all thanks to that perseverance to not only acquire the necessary knowledge I needed, but also to succeed. My initial failure also played a crucial part in my success. It was a learning experience for me.

Whenever I’m not here posting, I’m more often than not participating in discussions, gatherings, and heading programmes. When I’m at home, I spend time with my wife and children. We are one big completely happy family.

The reason for this site is to share my knowledge so you can make the most of my 5-year experience at no cost.